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Why Should you book this trip?

This is a great nature excursion for those who love to observe and learn about birds and It is in close proximity to Colombo, which makes this an activity that can be done by everyone who passes or stays in Colombo.

This tour will take place in one of the best locations close to Colombo where you can see a wide variety of birds.

It’s a walking trail, which gives you the added bonus of providing some exercise.

Opportunity to interact with the local community.


Trail 1 – Lakeside Trail

This trail consists of a boardwalk through the greenery, runs alongside the lake and ends at a floating deck that gives an amazing view of the lake. The trail passes through 2 key zones: the Butterfly Walk and the Duck Pond.

Butterfly Walk

Butterfly Walk is an area with a large number of flowering plants much loved by butterflies. A number of rare butterfly breeds seen in Sri Lanka are present here. Butterfly enthusiasts will find this zone a haven. That said, it will take a sharp and patient eye to spot them in their glory.

Duck Pond

The boardwalk will lead you over marshland, and through curtains of vines and mangrove tunnels. They form a delightful experience on their own. After some time you will come upon a large pond with many water birds. This is the Duck Pond. While many ducks visit it, there are also many other species to be seen here. If you travel around the shore of the pond. You will also be able to find a wooden observation tower. After climbing up the flights of stairs you can watch the birds in the pond and its surroundings without disturbing them. It’s a great place to do some bird watching at dawn and dusk.

Diyawanna Walk and Floating Deck

After leaving the Duck Pond, the boardwalk of Trail 1 will continue on towards the lake. Along the way you will also come across a little open hut with seating, where you can get some rest. After going further, you will reach the lakeside and find that the boardwalk follows the bank. This section is known as Diyawanna Walk. You will pass by a small timber deck that extends over the water. You can enjoy the lake here.

Then the trail move on to more firm ground as it passes through a forest area, known as the Forest Trail. There are many migratory and local bird species, and fauna such as the Fishing Cat and Water Monitor, to be found here. After enjoying the picturesque scenery along the way, you will come to the end of the trail – the Floating Deck.

This wooden deck protrudes over the water, appearing to be floating. You will be able to have a great view over the lake. The place is earmarked as one of the best photography locations within the park.

Trail 2 – Migratory Birds Trail

Trail 2 is the trail that ends in the car park. When you enter this trail from the entrance, you will find the Park school first. This school gives information and small lectures on the biodiversity of the park, wetland management, conservation, etc. You can learn a lot about Beddagana Wetland Park here.

The Bird trail which continues from here passes through an open area with scrubby low trees, a natural water reservoir, and marshland. You will find many waders, water birds and other bird species here. Visitors are not allowed to step off the trail as many birds nests are on the ground, and their nests may be disturbed by human interaction. You will also find artificial nests made with rocks, pebbles and straw by the park management, where migratory birds make their temporary nests and even lay eggs.

What we’ll provide

  • Bottled water
  • Entrance fee
  • All entry fees
  • Outdoor gear
  • A birding book and one or two binoculars to share

What to bring

  • A love for nature
  • Comfortable clothing to bird watching
  • Sunblock, a hat or a cap, and a pair of sunglasses


  •  3 Hrs total


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